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Innocentia Cattery | Tonkinese Cats & British Shorthair Cats | CFA and TICA Registered
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Please limit your calls to 9AM-9PM EST, as our little babies are getting their beauty sleep!


Our Promise To You

Our home-based cattery is a family love affair, which provides individual care for each and every kitten.

Innocentia Cattery is proud of its excellent reputation for providing you with a satisfying sales experience, both before and after your transaction. We are professionals whose goal is to serve you.

Innocentia Cattery is a very spacious and exceptionally clean cattery located in Carleton, Michigan. We voluntarily participate in the CFA's cattery environment inspection program. Our cattery inspections are conducted by a licensed veterinarian, using criteria established by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Innocentia Cattery: In business for over 30 years! The inspection and approval process encompasses the environmental conditions of our cattery. Briefly, we arrange for our vet to inspect our cattery, completing an inspection form, which the CFA provides. This form is then forwarded to CFA by the veterinarian. We have received the highest designation, "CFA Cattery of Excellence." This designation is good for only one year. We then have the cattery reinspected the following year, thus guaranteeing you, the consumer, appropriate conditions for our kittens, mom cats, and our studs.

We have a nursery and a fully kitten-equipped "Romper Room", where kittens and their mommies can play and relax. Our beautifully decorated "Romper Room" makes for ultra-affectionate and extra playful kittens! It includes:

  • The safety of playpens for those learning to walk.
  • An abundance of kitten-safe toys to play with.
  • Specially designed cat houses to climb in and run through.
  • A 54" screen TV for watching cat entertainment DVD's.
  • Plush couches and chairs for cat relaxation.
  • Spacious cat beds and baskets to curl up in for those much needed cat naps.
  • A panoramic view of the majestic Carleton, Michigan woodlands, complete with birds, squirrels, and other woodland creatures.

Just as important is the abundance of love and companionship we provide to each and every kitten. We want to make sure they are healthy, well socialized, affectionate, and friendly when they arrive at their new "forever home".

Innocentia Cattery's kittens are ready for their new homes between the ages of 12-14 weeks. Our beautiful and healthy British Shorthair kittens and Tonkinese kittens include:

  • Grand Champion lines which include CFA registration papers.
  • One year health guarantee on any fatal congenital problem.
  • Our British Shorthair kittens are all Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD1) free.
  • We offer Continental USA Shipping (shipping fees apply).
  • Located in Carleton, Michigan, we are near the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and offer reasonable shipping rates - with most deliveries within 48 hours!
  • Upon adoption, we also include FREE spaying or neutering, immunization, and one worming.
  • Rates are all inclusive, so there are no hidden fees!

Should you have any questions or concerns, Phone Us Toll Free at
1-877-CATS-TO-YOU (1-877-228-7868) or Email Us. If we do not answer the phone, please leave a message on our voice mail - we always respond. Kindly limit your calls to 9AM-9PM EST, as our little babies are getting their beauty sleep.

Innocentia Cattery promises you integrity, honesty, and the very best customer service available. We are committed to breeding top quality, healthy kittens, and we provide ongoing, accurate information and support - before and after your new baby has arrived.

At Innocentia Cattery, your satisfaction is not just a promise. It's our guarantee!

Laura A Hunt
Innocentia Cattery
Carleton, Michigan

P.S. I know many of you come to my website to look at our adorable kittens and, if you do, why don't you give me a shout? I would love to know how many of you occasionally take a peek. Just send me a brief email by Clicking Here. Thanks!

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Why consider an Innocentia Cattery British Shorthair kitten? An excellent companion, the British Shorthair is known for its plush "teddy-bear" look, even-tempered manner, affection and undying loyalty! Read what some of our clients have to say:

Shadow Marie and Baby Butter are highly intelligent, playful, social, and very well-mannered. It is our great delight to have them join our family. Hardly pets, they are our companions and friends, and we look forward to adopting a third kitten from Laura this spring! - Roy

Bea is an absolute doll! We couldn't be happier with her! We love her personality and sense of humor. What a sweet girl. Everything, and more, than you suggested she'd be! - Mark and Kathy

I just wanted you to know that Onslow has grown into a beautiful, clean, well-behaved and very affectionate kitty. He loves to be cuddled and carried around the house. He likes his face stroked, especially around his whiskers. He sleeps on the end of my bed, or my daughter’s, every night, and is always close by wherever we are. - Georgia

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