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Hi, Laura,

Just wanted to let you know how the kitten I purchased from you in December is progressing. She is a solid blue, and not sure what name you gave her, but I have named her Mia (official name) or Ms. Cuddles. She is just the friendliest kitten, with the loudest internal motor I have ever heard!

She is not very large, and I expect she will not grow much more than she is now. She is also quite a pest, especially when she wants to eat. She gets right in your face with her wet nose and whiskers, and she cries (this is usually at 4:00 am).

She also fetches. She loves to fetch those feather teasers. If you throw it, she gets it, and drops it at your feet. When she wants to play, she will, on her own, bring down a toy (usually a feather one with a bell) from upstairs. Sometimes, it's much bigger than she is. She will drop it at your feet, or if you are in bed, she brings it onto the bed.

I have to say, I am really enjoying her! Also, most of the time, she gets along with my other cat, who is also a Tonkinese. They will sleep together, and they clean each other, which is quite interesting to see. I do have a picture of them, and when I figure out how to send it, I will.

Marjorie S

Hi Laura and Gary,

You have been on my mind quite a bit, so I thought I would send you an e-mail. Hope all is well with you. We are doing okay.

Dolly is fine. She takes her eye drops every day and is very good about it.

She loves for me to give her a pet message with a battery operated pet massager. She likes that in the morning then again in the evening just before going to bed. She is just the sweetest little girl. She likes for me to talk to her and the best part is, she listens to me. She loves for me to hold her in my arms. Perhaps it is because she knows that I love to hold her? She plays like a kitten, especially in the morning.

She is so smart! Whenever I weigh myself on the bathroom scales, I just tap the scales with my fingertips and say, "come on Dolly, let's see how much you weigh", she walks onto the scales and sits there. I tell her, "Oh Dolly, you are such a good girl and you are keeping your weight just right". She weighs 8.5 to 8.6 pounds.

Whenever I have to go down to the basement, I will say, "Dolly, let's go exploring". She will race me downstairs. When I am ready to come back upstairs, she is usually still exploring our unfinished basement, which has a lot of boxes with miscellaneous treasures that we have stored. I will call to her by name, and she comes and sits by my feet. Then I will say, "Let's race upstairs, Dolly". She takes off like a banshe, then looks at me from the top of the stairs. I am usually on the second or third step.

You can certainly tell how much JOY she brings into our lives! I firmly believe she was meant to be with us and we are meant to be her Mommy and Daddy. She is just the best little girl in the world to us. Thank you for sending her to us.

I did not mean to ramble so much. I know you are aware of how much we love our Dolly.

All the best to the both of you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Gene, Rosella and Dolly L

Dear Laura,

From the day Mario arrived from Michigan, we knew that he was going to be an extraordinary addition to our family. Carlos was terribly jealous, but that lasted only a few days.

He is warm affectionate, mischievous, daring, playful, smart and does not understand the word "NO!" He greets our friends at the front door, along with Carlos. He allows himself to be picked up by everyone. Everyone who knows him is just overwhelmed by his beauty.

Mario is gorgeous! He is the most wonderful cat we have ever had. What an acrobat. He fly's through the air, and many times he either jumps over poor Carlos or goes right under him. Carlos has a playmate and Mario, too! We adore him!

I hope his picture makes it to the website. He is a prince of a cat.

My husband and I thank you for raising these extraordinary cats!!

Elizabeth and Michael C

PS I almost forgot..............he is an avid TV watcher!

Dear Laura,

We are so very happy with our kitties. They have such an amazing disposition and are such a joy. Thank you for all that you do to bring such amazing kitties into this world. This is Luna (left) and Toots (right).

Enjoy the new year,
Robin and Ron S

Luna and Toots

Wanted to give you an update on our lovely boy we got from you. We named him Sir Rupert. He is amazing. We love him so much. He is the coolest cat ever. He follows us every where we go, and is always by our side. He sleeps in bed with us, and loves to run as fast as he can. He plays non stop. He does the funniest things. He has brought so much joy to our home. He is such a good boy. Thank you for everything.

Todd S

Sir Rupert

Hello from Idaho...

Our boys are growing, and Rascal turns one year old next month. They are so loving with each other and us. Rascal is a Daddy's boy, while little Twinkle is definitely a Momma's boy.

So happy we have our new "fur family"! Hope all is well with you.

Claudia and Allan U.

Rascal and Twinkle


This is just a quick note to share our loving relationship we had with Snowball. We adopted Snowball way back in 1992, when your cattery was located at your home in Warren. You gave us the unique opportunity to adopt Snowball after her breeding days were over.

After 18 years with Snowball, she left us, passing away naturally from age. We remember she was 3 years old when we got her, 21 years old with true Innocentia breeding. We enjoyed her every day. Thank you.

Walt and Joanne P.


Dear Laura,

Daisy and Lilliana wash each others faces. No more growling or hissing. And Daisy is my friend again.

Jan C.

Daisy and Lilliana

Hi Laura and Gary!

Sammy has stolen my mom's heart, at first sight! He is so loving, that mom says she doesn't understand how he can be so sweet... he took to her immediately!

Thank you for everything! This has made mom so happy, and they are a perfect match!

Jen L.


Hi Laura!

I just wanted to let you know that Leo is doing fantastic! I still have him in my bedroom for now, with his food, water and litter. When I am home, I let the dog outside, and let Leo run around the house.

My big siamese is good with him. He will hiss a little, to let him know that he doesn't want to be dived on. :) My little female burmese (the boss) hasn't fully accepted him yet. Leo will run past her and get very close, and she is not hissing as much, so it's progress :) She's realizing that he is not leaving... lol

He purrs all the time, even when he is sleeping. Very happy little guy! Gets tons of love from all of my boys and I. We adore him! He is so beautiful and so sweet!

He tries to suck on my ear lobes, nose, eyelids and fingers... so cute. Must miss his Mommy. He gives us kisses all the time. I couldn't be happier with how things are going so far! We adore him!

I will keep you posted on his progress, and send more pics soon! Thank you for such a wonderful kitten!

Chris G

Just wanted to share photos of the two. They have become fast friends. Anubis loves to sleep with Tehya! I am surprised just how fast the two bonded.

And thank you for breeding such a sweet cat. I couldn't thank you enough. I just love this cat more than ever. He is super sweet.

Thank you!
Alexandra H

Anubis & Tehya

WE LOVE THIS CAT!!! He is so much fun and makes us laugh smile all the while he is awake. Every day he becomes more snuggly, and loves to follow my son all around the house.

He eats great, not finicky at all. We give him all varietys of Fancy Feast, and he likes them all, although he seems to really enjoy the beef variety the best.

Again, thank you, he is a JOY.


I just had to send you this. Lance is probably the goofiest little dude I've ever had!!!

I'm totally in love with him!!!

David H


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Why consider an Innocentia Cattery British Shorthair kitten?

An excellent companion, the British Shorthair is known for its plush "teddy-bear" look, even-tempered manner, affection and undying loyalty! Read what some of our clients have to say:

Shadow Marie and Baby Butter are highly intelligent, playful, social, and very well-mannered. It is our great delight to have them join our family. Hardly pets, they are our companions and friends, and we look forward to adopting a third kitten from Laura this spring! - Roy

Bea is an absolute doll! We couldn't be happier with her! We love her personality and sense of humor. What a sweet girl. Everything, and more, than you suggested she'd be! - Mark and Kathy

I just wanted you to know that Onslow has grown into a beautiful, clean, well-behaved and very affectionate kitty. He loves to be cuddled and carried around the house. He likes his face stroked, especially around his whiskers. He sleeps on the end of my bed, or my daughter’s, every night, and is always close by wherever we are. - Georgia

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